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This engaging and insightful book is a story of enthusiasm for the Mediterranean and the sheer willpower it took to complete the circular route whilst overcoming its many challenges. This charming book also gives a beautifully written account of the people the author met along the way, and paints an evocative picture of the landscapes encountered. The book is a wonderful example of the steely determination and optimism that sees him pick his end point and move heaven and earth to reach it.

Flight Time inflight magazine, Europe

…Huw’s many experiences in the countries he visited are both insightful and entertaining. An inspiring read and proof the world is still full of adventure.

Australian Geographic Magazine, Australia

The reader travels with a man constantly making life-changing choices, whether based on data, rumour or gut instinct; pushing through injury, weather, red tape or sheer bad luck. So what does it take? A strong body, yes, but an even stronger mind.

Getaway Magazine, South Africa

Huw’s book Mediterranean – A Year Around a Calm and Troubled Sea, is the story of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s a tale of troublesome officials, debilitating parasites and lucky escapes, but also an ode to the wonders of the Mediterranean and its people.

The Culture Trip (

An entertaining page-turner that should not be missed

Sea Breezes, UK

…an inspiring read for armchair adventurers and the like.

Great Walks Magazine, Australia

The book is surprisingly well illustrated for a solo trip and will have you chuckling at the humour. This is very much a book for adventurers, avoiding the tourist hotspots, of which there are plenty, and, instead, meeting a wide range of people off the beaten track.

Canoeist Magazine, UK

…Huw’s travel tale becomes a story of human kindness and resilience.

Outdoor Australia Magazine, Australia

A charming tale of a maritime adventure. …an engaging book…a story of enthusiasm… The book offer a lovely written account of the people the author met along the way, and paints a picture of the wonderful landscapes he encountered.

Nautilus Telegraph, Europe

Huw’s inspirational telling of his story is great reading. Mediterranean really is a must read.

Outer Edge Magzine, Australia

Taking in the extraordinary land and seascapes, the varied cultures and peoples, and the current state of many of those countries, Kingston’s story combines adventure, travel, and physical endurance with human stories and the celebration of friendship.

Vacations & Travel Magazine, Australia

Well if this book doesn’t get the travelling juices going, then nothing will! The book is spell bounding and shows human kindness at its best.

Burnley Gazette, UK


….The result is a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in travel and Mediterranean culture.

Lifeboat, UK


Some Reader Comments on Mediterranean…….

Just a very short note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. Truly a remarkable story told in a very engaging manner.

Colin, Australia

I am reading Huw Kingston’s very inspiring book which I recommend to every outdoor enthusiast and ecologically minded person because there is far more than a year-long circumnavigation route described in it; there is something related to hope and shared humanistic values.

Henri, France

The book is fantastic and the pictures just as inspiring. Impressive is your ability to just keep going. Also the honesty in the book about admitting the tears and the dark moments/times is good to read about too as it reminds me that you are human after all.

Graeme, UK

This wonderful tale made me cry frequently as I read it and his monumental feat has stayed with me.

Penny, UK

Loved the read. What came across is that you’re one tough but sociable, single minded bugger with a long neck and plenty of staying power.

Max Holliday, UK

I have just finished your book. What a brave, courageous person you are. I found the last part of the journey on Mr Hops very emotional: the Mediterranean is such an unpredictable sea and you conquered it. The read, the maps, the photographs – all fabulous.

Margaret, Monaco

Just wanted to let you know I finished your book. It was truly inspiring. I guess the one thing that did stand out for me besides some of the more important issues such as pollution is that the world is full of generally kind hearted people. Can I come next time please!

Sue, Australia

Mediterranean travelled with us every day of our 5 month backcountry trip through the Yukon and BC in Canada. We talked about passing it forward to a fellow paddler, but we felt too attached to it and refused. This despite the times when we tried to lighten our loads. The book does however look like it’s been through a washing machine. It’s now proudly placed back on my bookshelf amongst other great reads.

Paul Everitt, Going Solo Adventures

Loving the book – just left Athens – funnily enough I am having to find time where I don’t get distracted as it reads like a novel and I don’t want to stop!

Peter, Australia