Huw Kingston

Whether undertaking massively challenging expeditions, organising highly complex sports events or galvanising a community environmental campaign, Huw Kingston has the ability to inspire others with such projects to make them possible.

He is also able to convey these adventures and experiences in a powerful, humorous and engaging manner.

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Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea

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The sun still warms us here in the Alps......

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Back in a sea kayak on the Med......

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Awesome riding in the Appenines of Italy!

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Shit happens......

Every Biking the Boot bike tour in Italy has a mascot, awarded for deeds done good or bad at dinner each night to be worn for the following day. In 2017 we have 'La Cacca' - The Turd. As to why you can buy soft toy turds in Italy is another question!

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The sun is shining on us so far in Umbria

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Back to Italy.......running our annual mountain bike tour

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Two Bakewell tarts

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School's in......

For the first time in 36 years I was called before the headmistress at my old school, All Saints Catholic High School, Sheffield.

Thanks to Clare Scott for hosting my visit and great to bump into my old geography teacher Allan Leadham who on seeing me exclaimed 'It's Huw Kingston, I scored a try against you in the rugby. I still remember swerving past you at fullback!'

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Special Package(s).......

Am excited! Not one but two special packages currently en route from Oz to Europe. Wendy and daughter Kate here topping up pre flight Prosecco and Liquorice Allsorts at Sydney Airport.

Meanwhile been well looked after by mum and dad in Sheffield and enjoying the company of my 3 neices.

And a load of fun at Sheffield talk the other night. Largest crowd I've addressed in Sheffield since I took my school 6th form (Years 11 & 12) out on strike in 1981!

Kate Schnabel

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Planes, Trains, Ships & Automobiles....

Sitting at George Best Belfast Airport (George Best, that flawed football maestro "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered".

Great talk last night here on my first ever visit to Northern Ireland. Also a few hours in the most excellent Titanic museum - the ship was built in Belfast.

Got on a local train yesterday and driver promptly had a heart attack.

Filling up the hire car in Slovenia with Bravo Mabasta last week. Paid for the fuel and cashier gave me a bottle of wine in return.

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Rubbish performance....

from this guy in Cambridge

UK talks start tomorrow.....

Heading back to UK from Italy tomorrow, Friday 28 April, and straight to Norwich for the first talk for the Royal Geographical Society.

Then it's Belfast 2 May, Birmingham 3 May, Sheffield 4 May and Newcastle 8 May.

As Australian.....

as it gets in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Marin Medak, and kangaroo drinking fountain on Anzac Day.

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Today at dawn on Anzac Day 2017 I stood alone and looked across the completely still waters of the Mediterranean at the head of the Adriatic; The Last Post playing on my phone.

Lest we Forget those lost 102 years ago and in all the mad conflicts since. Lest we do something to help those in some of the current madnesses, particularly where innocent children are affected.

A work out for legs and arms

The UCI ranked Tiliment Marathon Bike was a bloody tough race but a bloody good one too. The 103km took us up (3000+ metres of up) through some spectacular country from the Friuli plains into the mountains and brought us down on some superb and at times technical trails. I was well underdone but enjoyed it all the same.

Thanks to Giuseppe Rossi and all the organising team for hosting me over the weekend and for slipping a copy of Mediterranean to each of the podium winner. It was a marathon itself just signing all 40 copies!

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