Huw Kingston

Whether undertaking massively challenging expeditions, organising highly complex sports events or galvanising a community environmental campaign, Huw Kingston has the ability to inspire others with such projects to make them possible.

He is also able to convey these adventures and experiences in a powerful, humorous and engaging manner.

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Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea

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The Fabulous Five go to the Snowies. It started as a rubbish trip....

Got the 5 grandkids with us for a few days down our Snowies hideaway. First up was clearing sacks and sacks of rubbish on the shores of Lake Jindabyne during Jindabyne Lakeside Scavenge, a wonderful event organised by Seaside Scavenge ( Huge turnout for the event and huge amount of rubbish collected. Anna, Anders and Toby picked up everything from dummies to doonas to dollars.

'Why do people throw rubbish away Papa?' asked Anders. Why indeed?

Sadly Will and Jack were too sick to join us today. I've seriously not seen projectile vomit like last night since Mr Creosote in The Meaning of Life!

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#StopAdani Day of Action - 7 October

It beggars belief that a massive new coal mine in Australia could even be on the table in this day and age let alone one that threatens to destroy a chunk of the Great Barrier Reef and is proposed by a mining company with an appalling record of environmental destruction and fraud. This is the case with Adani's 'super pit' in Queensland's Galilee Basin.

Whilst the world is moving away from investment in coal it seems our politicians remain stuck in the dark ages. None of the major banks will fund Adani's mine and now Adani have asked the Australian government for a one billion dollar loan.

Throughout Australia on 7 October opponents of the mine will come together to spell out 'Stop Adani'. And it's not just in the major cities. Find a location near you and stand up for the future, the Barrier Reef and good sense.

2017 has turned into the best snow season in quite some years. Spent the past 3 days guiding a regular client out on the Main Range. Saturday was warm enough for a spot of shirtless skiing!

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Big shout out to my old mate Liam Doherty (here riding the poppy fields of Umbria this year) who, for the 4th year running, ran his Tour De France tipping comp with Save the Children Australia as a beneficiary. A bit over $2000 was donated yesterday. Thanks again Liam and thanks to all out there who were part of it.

Talking of fundraising, my fundraising page at Save the Children has now moved from it's old Mediterranean expedition location to a new standalone page here Donations via it are welcome anytime!

Save the Children are, as always, busy on all fronts including this unfolding crisis with the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

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Travel Plans.......

2018 already has some good looking travel plans including a ski expedition to Tajikistan in April and a bike event in Jordan and Israel in March.

I'll also be leading two MTB tours in the first half of the year. As well as our regular Biking the Boot magical 3 week journey through Italy (12 May-1 June) we've Sweet South Island Singletrack, a new week-long tour in New Zealand from 5-11 February

For anyone interested in the tours details at

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Despite the pull of a metre or more of fresh, dry snow falling in the Australian Alps down south, I'm looking forward to going north again this weekend. North to the tiny village of St Albans and the rather impressive St Albans Writers' Festival which has in its short life grown to attract some excellent presenters for this 3rd edition: Tom Keneally, Nikki Gemmell, Tony Jones, Hugh Mackay, Stan Grant, Jane Caro and George Miller amongst them.

In this illustrious company I'm speaking on the Sunday morning 10-11am.

Come on up for a day or the weekend if you've nothing else planned. It's a beautiful location.

Sweet as...

Seems fitting that the last day of our family ski+ trip to the North Island coincided with Father's Day. Cards, t shirts and 'cycling kiwi' buffs opened before we left Great Lake Taupo, NZ for Auckland airport. What a magical week we had and now the family understand just how hard I have to work on these hosted journeys....

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Ladies of the lake.....

Mountain biking, kayaking and just skimming stones on and around Lake Taupo

Taupo Kayaking Adventures Great Lake Taupo, NZ Great Lake Trail

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Big fat flakes falling at Whakapapa for our last day skiing yesterday (could be night skiing tonight though..). And we just can't get enough of the classic volcanic cone of 2287m Mount Ngauruhoe as we drive into and out of the resort.

Finished the day with a soak in the thermal pools of Taupo DeBretts

Great Lake Taupo, NZ North Island Ski Holiday

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Why would you ski on Ruapehu? Why not?

Today we were on the other side of Ruapehu, skiing at Turoa skifield where wide slopes and bowls were quite a contrast to Whakapapa. We even got to meet Fire, the avalanche search dog. Couchy, his handler and chief Turoa weather forecaster, has been working on the mountain since 1978.

Thanks Shannon for taking us around the mountain today Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Turoa Ski Areas

Great Lake Taupo, NZ North Island Ski Holiday

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It was skiing and......

what a day Whakapapa Ski Area gave us. A cloud sea beneath blue skies and a chance to explore New Zealand's largest skifield on the slopes of the active volcano of Mount Ruapehu. A huge area with not a lift queue on the mountain.

And for Hobbit lovers, the volcano hovering in the background is Mount Doom (real name Ngauruhoe).

Thanks to Matt, David and all at Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Turoa Ski Areas for looking after us so well.

Great Lake Taupo, NZ North Island Ski Holiday

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It wasn't skiing but.......

one of the great things about a North Island ski trip is that when the weather is rotten there's still plenty of unrotten things to do.

Great Lake Taupo, NZ North Island Ski Holiday Rapids Jet Taupo NZ Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park Lava Glass

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6 go to New Zealand.......

I've a bunch of commissions for some family ski and adventure stories over on the North Island. So what better family to do it with! And what a week Great Lake Taupo, NZ and North Island Ski Holiday have planned for us - skiing volcanoes, kayaking, mtb, hot springs, hikes, jet boating and more.

Here we go.....

Anthony Schnabel

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First event to last event......

My last night on the Queensland road trip was staying with the legendary Denise and Peter McMahon. Back in 1997 Peter ran the outdoor centre where we based the first ever event my business Wild Horizons ran; the first Australian Polaris Challenge.

Peter did incredible things to help us neophytes then. Now 20 years on and with 70 or so major adventure events under our belt we're only months away from running our last event, The 13th annual Highland Fling MTB Marathon.

Thanks Pete for all the help back then!

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In 2003 I kayaked through the Horizontal Falls (at slack water!) during a sea kayak journey along the Kimberley Coast in north western Australia, a coast with a tidal range of up to 14 metres. That journey remains one of my most cherished memories - the Kimberley Coast truly is one of the most special places on earth.

Bulldozers have recently started cutting a road not far from the Horizontal Falls as part of a copper mining exploration. Can we not just leave one area alone without mining and exploitation?

Check the message below and if you have any concern for wild places, send a note to the government as indicated.

Some reflective days kayaking on a quiet Queensland river that, amongst other things, crystalised some ideas for a long journey.....

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