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Whether undertaking massively challenging expeditions, organising highly complex sports events or galvanising a community environmental campaign, Huw Kingston has the ability to inspire others with such projects to make them possible.

He is also able to convey these adventures and experiences in a powerful, humorous and engaging manner.

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Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea

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Great final night of our Victorian road trip with nearly 200 people coming to the community forum on Bottled Water and Water Mining held in Beechworth last night. Good discussion including with Bottled Water industry reps who attended the meeting.

Thanks to Jenny O'Connor, mayor of Indigo Shire Council, a fabulous host, and to Alpine Shire and Towong Shire Council too and all who came.

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This coming Saturday evening for anyone in the Wollongong/Illawarra area. Be great to see you.

Water mining and plastic bottles in Victoria.......

Three local councils in north east Victoria plus various environment groups have got together to put on a community forum tomorrow night to discuss the issues of water mining and the madness of bottled water production. There are a number of planned and existing water extraction plants in the region, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Looking forward to being the keynote speaker at the forum. Come on down to the The George Kerferd hotel in Beechworth if you're in the region.

Indigo Shire Council Towong Shire Council Alpine Shire Stanley Water for Stanley

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Tonight Wendy and I are in Marysville, a beautiful little town that was utterly devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. 90% of the town was razed to the ground and 45 lives lost. Much has been rebuilt.

Our roadtrip in Victoria has taken in a superb night at Bress Winery near Castlemaine with friends Adam and Fi. Adam has built up this brilliant winery over 15 years and Fi was my (wonderful) then main contact at Save the Children Australia during my Med journey.

It was with full stomachs and sore heads when on Saturday we left to head south for the Word for Word National Non-Fiction Festival in Geelong where a fun session was had with Michael Smith who flew around the world in a tiny amphibious plane, The Southern Sun. Our session was superbly moderated by novelist Robert Gott.

Today we got to check out Michael's superb art deco cinema, The Sun Theatre in Melbourne, en route to catch up with folk at Save the Children Australia and give the big Fling cheque to CEO Paul Ronalds.

Thoughts now turn to plastic and bottled water as we head to NE Victoria.......

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What a Kombination!

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For anyone down Geelong/Melbourne way I'm speaking this Sunday, 1pm at Word for Word, the National Non Fiction Festival.

In a session moderated by Robert Gott; myself and Michael Smith (owner of Yarraville’s Sun Theatre who recently circumnavigated the globe in his tiny Searey amphibious plane) we'll be loosely discussing the topic of adventure!

Robert and I will also be chatting with Lindy Burns on ABC Melbourne tonight at 9pm.

All details

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I decided that the final Fling would be a fundraiser for Save the Children Australia with my favourite charity getting the end proceeds from the event, donations by riders etc. Not sure of the final figure yet but it should at least match the $60,000 written on the big cheque we presented to Save the Children on Sunday.

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The 13th and Final Fling, the last Wild Horizons mountain biking event 1997-2017. What a weekend was had with more than a couple of tears shed and a tonne of mountain biking goodness.

I can't express enough thanks for all the legends over so many years on the Dark Side - our organising team and volunteers. Legends indeed!

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So this is it, the last event I'm running after 20 years of adventure event organising. Today the 13th and final Highland Fling MTB Marathon kicked off with 1200 riders entered. Lotsa good stuff happened today -
120+ kids in the Kids Fling, Rolloff World Championships, The Bundy Clock Challenge and more. Main race day tomorrow, Sunday.

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Here in Bundanoon we're getting ready for the 13th and Final Fling this weekend with a couple of thousand people heading into town for The Highland Fling MTB Marathon.

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Rowing from Home to Home.....

Talking of adventures, a guy I'm in touch with, Grant Rawlinson, is currently engaged in travelling from his adopted home in Singapore to his birthplace of Taranaki in NZ's North Island. He rowed (in a pair) the first leg from Singapore to Darwin then rode from Darwin to Coffs Harbour. 3 weeks ago he set off from Coffs to row solo across the Tasman to Taranaki. He's had rotten conditions for most of the journey and has been blown this way and that with long spells in the cabin of his rowboat 'Simpson's Donkey'. It looks like Grant is going to try to return to Oz to wait for better conditions and effect repairs to the boat and himself.

Follow his journey here:

Rowing from Home to Home - Singapore to New Zealand by Human Power

Jon Muir is, to my mind, Australia's greatest living adventurer in the true sense of that word. A fact backed up this week when he received the Australian Geographic Lifetime of Adventure award. From the first unsupported ascent of Everest in 1988 to the first unsupported walk across Australia in 2002 and so much else. Great to catch up with Jon today 'on the deck' and to get some advice on a little journey I'm planning.

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For those following the epic tale of "The Deck".....

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Plastic not fantastic....

3 day conference started today in Sydney on the myriad and massive issues around plastic pollution.

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A few reviews of my book from UK, South Africa and Australia.

Xmas is coming.......don't forget everyone loves a book 😉

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Making progress......

2 weeks in on hopefully the final chapter of 'The Deck'. Steel frame this time - I reckon the house will go down before the deck. Drainage sorted, framing nearly finished. Next up the timber.......

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