Huw Kingston

Whether undertaking massively challenging expeditions, organising highly complex sports events or galvanising a community environmental campaign, Huw Kingston has the ability to inspire others with such projects to make them possible.

He is also able to convey these adventures and experiences in a powerful, humorous and engaging manner.

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Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea

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What's in a name?

Keeping things simple - a fine beer in NZ called......ummhh.....Beer

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Indeed if it wasn't so scary it would be hilarious. What an earth are you up to Malcolm Turnbull?

Bill Shorten MP Angus Taylor MP Save the Children Australia

Limp as........

Shipment from second print run of my Mediterranean book arrived today. Was sent from UK on 7 day door to door service on 7 January. Arrived 7 weeks later!

So those of you already with a copy are officially 'first edition' holders🤣complete with a few typos (now corrected...). Still a very small number of first editions left if you want one

Not sure about the description on the box though. Limp? LIMP?!

Whittles Publishing

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Ready to burn.......

Got home from NZ to some of the gear that has started to arrive for March/April's ski expedition to the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan in Central Asia.

I've been using XGK stoves from MSR for nigh on 30 years on expeditions that require fast, efficient burning, melting snow to make water in cold and/or high altitude places. In Tajikistan we certainly don't expect to find running water at -25 C and altitudes up to 5000 metres!

Big thanks to Spelean Australia for supplying a couple of spanking new XGK's.

MSR - Mountain Safety Research

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A superlative and tough week's trekking in New Zealand's Southern Alps with my Kiwi mate Laurence Mote over the Gillespie and Rabbit Passes. Mixed weather, endless river crossings and some challenging moments with Lady Luck.....

This finished off a top 3 week trip here. Back to Oz today to write up the articles.

Big thanks to New Zealand Tourism for looking after me after the trek back in Queenstown.

100% Pure New Zealand

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A superb week on the bike done. Now off for a week's trekking to use some different muscles and get a pack on my back ahead of the big ski expedition in Tajikistan next month

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Running a MTB tour in NZ this week.

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The Old Ghost Road was a very special 3 day MTB trip where every day brought some very special moments, landscapes and riding. As the South Island recovers and mops up from storms and high seas of ex tropical cyclone Fehi, we were lucky to be on the track in such conditions and in truth escaped lightly. Certainly one of the best MTB rides I've done in a long time.

Massive thanks to my good Kiwi friends Viv and Laurence Mote
and the incredible 13 year old Pearce Mote (who first rode the OGR when he was 10!) for organising everything.

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First days in NZ....

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Australian of the Year?

Today is Australia Day (some might call it Invasion Day). My lovely wife marked the day by filling out an application for Australian citizenship. It's only taken her 54 years to get around to it! Good luck darling, hope we accept you....

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Talk to me......

And I might talk for you

Part of my eking out a living these days is doing presentations and talks. These can range from corporate presentations, conferences, public presentations, panel discussions, writers festivals and more. And the topics can be adventure, environment, project planning, tourism and events and more.

So if your business is looking for a speaker to inspire staff or you're involved in organising a conference or dinner and need some entertaining or inspiration then do get in touch.

Some testimonials here

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The Favourite Five go camping......

Just taking the grandkids out for a few nights close to Bundanoon. Riding, swimming and endless appetites. And I'd never have thought catching grasshoppers could take up so many hours of a day (I must have forgotten my childhood!)

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Love it when your 12 year old granddaughter wanders in in the morning and says 'Come on Papa, I'm taking you out for coffee'

And that followed my first ever pedicure last night!

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Join me mountain biking in NZ.....

I'm running a week-long MTB tour in the South Island of NZ from 4-11 February. 'Sweet South Island Singletrack' cherry picks some of the best riding between Christchurch and Queenstown with the Southern Alps as a backdrop.

There are a couple of places up for grabs still on the tour so if you need to treat yourself to an epic week of riding check out the details here