Huw Kingston

Whether undertaking massively challenging expeditions, organising highly complex sports events or galvanising a community environmental campaign, Huw Kingston has the ability to inspire others with such projects to make them possible.

He is also able to convey these adventures and experiences in a powerful, humorous and engaging manner.

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Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea

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Takeaway coffee cups are nothing but a scourge. Carry your own or sit down for 5 minutes in a cafe. 1 billion a year in Australia. Madness!

Inspirational Stories.....

For anyone in the Southern Highlands I hugely recommend getting along to Suitcase Stories by Treehouse Theatre on 4 March at Mittagong Playhouse (2pm and 7pm).

This inspirational organisation have been working with refugee students for several years. Wendy and I saw them perform last year and it was a very, very special event.

Tickets can be booked at

Grand(kids) Canyon......

Good times in a Blue Mountains canyon on the weekend

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Mediterranean - Out Now!

Yes folks, my book 'Mediterranean - a year around a charmed and troubled sea' is out now.

224 pages, 240mm x 170mm, full colour with 100+ images, 15 maps and 94,000 words of wisdom!

Australians can order copies online from my website at

I'll even sign the copies for you if you like!

If you're not in Australia head to my publisher's website

(and thanks to Whittles Publishing for a excellent job on the layout and design_

Mediterranean will also be finding it's way around booksellers and other outlets very soon (do ask for it at your local bookshop wherever you are)

Enjoy the read.........

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Happy Valentine's Day.....

My quest for a wife was successful many years ago. But had to chuckle at this in Bundanoon today!

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Almost put my hand on this little critter tonight when opening the gate that was his home

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Bloody brilliant!

A young Kiwi lady is challenging the need to put shampoo and other products in single use plastic bottles. Shampoo bars, Fairtrade, Sustainable.

We ordered some and it works sooooo well and sooooo easily.


Heading home in the heat....

Decided to ride from our little house in the Snowies to the bigger one in Bundanoon, via the dirt and back roads. 360km over 48 hours.

Yesterday's 160km in 40+ degrees wasn't all fun. Thankfully a few rivers en route.

Looks like today is the last day of another 'hottest month on record'. Climate change? What climate change?

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It's at the printers.........

'Mediterranean - a year around a charmed and troubled sea' is being printed as I type.

A book about Mediterranean Europe and North Africa written in Australia (and Slovenia!), published by a publisher in northern Scotland, edited in Cornwall, printed in west Wales......

Not long now!

Whittles Publishing Gwasg Gomer / Gomer Press

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Join me in Italy this year........

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I posted before Xmas about some 'problems' we were having with a timber deck rebuild using a so called expert insurance builder. The rebuild being part of an insurance claim. As part of the stuff up a totally unecessary huge, thick concrete slab was poured and badly poured in November.

Today said slab began to be removed. What a mess, what an unecessary environmental cost!

As a good friend and retired director of a major multinational building developer said 'I've seen a lot of stuff in 40 years but never seen something go so badly wrong'

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Backyard discoveries.......

After 21 years in Bundanoon I'm still discovering new places. A top little canyon less than 5km from town was the perfect place for swims, abseils and waterfalls on a 35 degree day. Thanks Glenn Robinson

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Nice little vid from the Coffee Cruise. Thanks Doug Brown aka Canadian stowaway

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It was just great to be back on the ocean again for a few days.......

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